The best place to organize your tournament handles all the heavy lifting when it comes to setting up and running a tournament, league, or event.


What people are saying


Simply the most flexible, responsive, and advanced platform there is"

-Tobias Fjellander, League Operations at Dreamhack

gtesports-157x118.png made the logistics of Gamefest 2018 a thousand times easier for us"

-Michael Marotta, President of Georgia Tech Esports


Powerful bracketing

Ladders. Free-for-all. Single & Double Elim, Swiss, Race format… if you can think of it, it’s here. gives you the ability to mix and match formats, customize tiebreakers, progress entrants in multiple ways at once, and so much more. The sky’s the limit!


Automated online events

Tailor to the needs of your global players. Whether it’s our check-in tools to eliminate no-shows and reseed brackets for you, a plethora of intuitive moderating tools, or round timers to start and finish your brackets, you’ll be saying what organizers often do: these tournaments effectively run themselves.  


Call games on the floor

It’s tournament day. You’re working across teams and people while being in the present. What can make an event hectic is what makes seamless: print brackets, automatically assign up to hundreds of stations to players, and queue up production’s next match info in one click. You’re covered.


Let your community help you

Events get expensive, quick. And funding things like better venues, talent, players, and production requires some help. Create goals your communities can help you reach, and make their event experience that much more special.



Event Merch made easy

We always want the merch that our attendees love, but sometimes it’s tough to do. Not anymore. Shop creation, design, and consulting: all courtesy of the dedicated ecommerce team here at


Twitch Rivals: esports for everyone

Sustainability in esports is a tall task amidst rising prize pools, larger venues, and costs rising. Even streamers face the opportunity cost in leaving content to attend events. That’s why Frodan and the Twitch Rivals team focused on an accessible and approachable competition for players of backgrounds, all with’s Race format.