The best place to organize your league handles all the heavy lifting when it comes to setting up and running a tournament, league, or event.


What people are saying


Running online events and points tracking with their league feature was flexible and easy to use!"

-Nathan Aguilera, GEICO Gaming Tournament Staff


I feel apart of the #smashfam and am truly enjoying the experience”

-Brett, Founder of VNM Tourneys


Connect your communities together

Communities are large, complex, and often go unstructured. Use league pages to connect tournaments of different sizes, events, locations into the grand finale - all under one page.

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A home for all

Your league is a home for everyone: attendees, organizers, and fans. Filter events while they are upcoming, in progress, or complete; track standings, live stats, and players; customize page design with tables, images, video - it’s all up to what matters to you and your community.


Keep it On-Brand

Where league pages connect a community’s events together, the organization page is your organization’s home and tournament resume. We give you the tools to manage your brand, staff, upcoming events,  news, and more -- all so players, sponsors, and fans can follow the action.


Event Requests

How can an entire community’s tournaments be a part of one league? Simple: event requests. allows organizers to submit their events to leagues, where you  can gate and tier events by event size, game, and more.


Event Merch made easy

We always want the merch that our attendees love, but sometimes it’s tough to do. Not anymore. Shop creation, design, and consulting: all courtesy of the dedicated ecommerce team here at