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Sub and Follower Only Events

Run exclusive tournaments for your subscribers and followers with connected accounts and event registration restrictions available for Twitch, Discord, Twitter,, and more.



DE, SE, RR, FFA, Swiss, Ladders, Race format, we got it all! Our tools make it easy to stream, play, and moderate your events all at the same time.


Shops made easy

Shops help you monetize and support your brand, allowing sales of digital and physical merch, fundraising for prize pools and event production costs, and reward goals to promote community engagement. Better yet, production and fulfillment are handled entirely by a dedicated ecommerce team, so you can leave the logistical details to us.


Giving back to subs

Nairo’s a professional Super Smash Bros. player. And with a growing audience and fanbase, he wanted to be able to give back to his community. Naifu Wars has now grown his viewership and community across the last 2 years with sub-only tournaments, all on