Build a competitive community around your game

Create a central hub for your game, structure leagues to support official and community events, sell DLC and physical merchandise, and more—all with premium support from the customer success team.


Connect your communities together

League pages are versatile containers that allow you to host multiple events on one landing page, display scheduling information, and publish ongoing performance data for players in your community.

Event Request.png

Event Requests

Empower organizers to help build the competitive scene around your game with Event Requests—a flexible administrative and messaging tool to manage licensing and approvals around community events.


Keep it On-Brand

Organization profiles act as the central hub for your game or brand on, allowing you to promote official and community events, publish news and updates, incorporate live data from your tournaments and leagues, and build a community around your game.


Premium Support

Developers have access to our premium support services, with dedicated admins from the Customer Success team available for tournament and technical support, league setup and maintenance, community management, promotional services, and more. 


Shops made easy

Shops help you monetize and support your game, allowing fundraising for prize pools and event production costs, sales of digital and physical merch, and reward goals to promote community engagement. Better yet, production and fulfillment are handled entirely by a dedicated ecommerce team, so you can leave the logistical details to us.


Crafting an esport

Rivals of Aether sought to do what many feel is difficult while launching a game - creating an esport. By using a passionate fanbase of organizers and players, in tandem with shops and event requests, Rivals of Aether was able to overlook a teeming game, enhance event experiences, all while managing their own bandwidth and empowering their community.