Community Fundraising

From event to experience

Tap into the power of your community like never before with seamlessly integrated fundraising options that empower your attendees to get not just an event, but an experience they won’t soon forget

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Community powered goals, big and small

From fun and easy to achieve goals that will make your attendees eager to return to once in a lifetime accomplishments that will make your event unforgettable


Unforgettable Fun

Whether you want a giant circus tent for your event, need to hire that underground DJ that will make your event legendary, or just want to share your favorite cupcake with all 2,000 of your attendees, crowd funded goals can make it happen. Tailor goals to fun and exciting ideas that your community will love and then watch as the support pours in.

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Pot Bonuses

Raise the stakes by enabling pot bonus goals for your events.  As prize pools grow, so does the level of interest and quality of play within a community.  Attract a larger attendee pool, bring out the best in competitive play, and help your supporters make it happen.  Pot bonuses are good for your event and good for the community.


Player goals

From hometown heroes to sponsored up-and-comers who need a little boost, player goals let your community rally behind the competitors they most want to see at your event.  Turn players into promoters as their successes are directly tied to the marketing and excitement of your event.


Go Head-to-Head

Make things competitive with head-to-head goals and let your community call the shots.  Ban a stage or keep it?  Mafia or Hide-n-Seek?  Want to see a top player roll up in Rolls-Royce or on a Razer?  With competing goals, your supporters decide.  Competitive goals are great ways to generate hype for your event while letting your fans engage like never before.  Head-to-head goals can be combined with other goal types to further incentivize contributions and boost value for your attendees.


Side Events

Can’t decide which new games you should dedicate event space to?  Let your attendees decide for you!  With crowd-funded side events, the cost is covered as your community decides which events they really want to see.

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Promotion that works

With easy to market results and automated social media posts, your contributors get the spotlight and your goals get the attention they deserve--- all tied in to promotion of your event

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Add Merch and More

Take fundraising to the next level with merchandising from  Choose from a catalog of popular products, sell your own, or connect with our team of ecommerce specialists who can create an entire brand, product line, and marketing strategy for your event.  Best of all, merch sales on automatically link to your fundraising goals and can even be added into your event’s registration flow.  Learn more about merchandising and see it in action here.


Poi Poundaz Feature

See how Poi Poundaz, an inter-regional tournament in Hawaii, used shops to fundraise for their event and develop their own apparel line.